23 PAWS #2: What’s in a Name?

Good morning!  It’s the 23rd of the month, which means another addition of 23 PAWS.  You can check out post #1 here.

EDITED TO ADD (because I forgot):

I always love to write about Milo, and hopefully you like hearing about him (and even if you don’t, it’s fine, because I’ve never going to stop talking about him).

I like to read about me, too

Today, I wanted to highlight Milo’s name.  People often ask how we came up with “Milo,” and the short answer is we didn’t.

When we saw Milo on the shelter website, he was listed as Bolow.  We were not big fans of this name and knew immediately that if we liked him, we would change his name.

First picture of Milo

I read somewhere that if you change a dog’s name to another name that sounds the same, they’ll never know the difference (turns out this isn’t true, you can pretty much call a dog anything as long as it’s in the same tone of voice).  Because of this, we played with two names:  Rocco and Tebow.

We were thinking Rocco because we thought that Milo looked super manly on the website.

Our manly "Rocco"

And we thought it would be kind of a badass name.  On the flip side, we (mainly I) thought Tebow because I LOVE Tim Tebow.

Love him!


Well, when we emailed Milo’s foster mom about “Bolow,” she responded about “Milo.”  James and I were like, who the hell is Milo?  Turns out Milo’s foster family didn’t like Bolow either, so they started calling him Milo.

We still considered changing his name until we went to meet him.  He is such a Milo.  He’s loving (not a badass Rocco), so playful, and like a little kid — like a Milo.  Also, he answered to Milo when James said “bye” to him, so we were sold.  So that’s how we got Milo.

Who me?

Funny story though.  James still wanted somewhat of a manly name for him, so we picked Bear as his middle name.  That’s a strong, manly name, right?  Well, it backfired, because when you say Milo Bear quickly, it sounds like you are saying “My little bear.”  What is less threatening than that?

But it’s okay because he is our little bear.  Our little Milo Bear :)

Our adorable little bear

On that note, off to work!  Have a great day everyone!!


  1. What a cutie! I love the name too

  2. Jessie says:

    I can’t get over how adorable Milo is <3

  3. I love how saying Milo Bear is like My little bear :)

    Everytime I read your Milo posts it makes me want a dog so.so.badly!

  4. I will NEVER tire of reading about Milo/Rocco/Tebow. :D
    He’s so cute!!!

  5. what a cute name! I love how you put bear at the end of his name sometimes. I named my dog harleyyybear haha. and sometimes I call my other dog hunter bear. haha!

  6. He’s so cute! Love the name and love that Milo Bear makes him sound like a little lap dog. So sweet.

  7. Nicole says:

    He’s adorable.
    Kostas’ name at the shelter was Cocoa. He’s a white lab so I thought that name just didn’t make sense!

  8. Min says:

    HI Milo bear! Puhaha! That sure sounds manly! Yeaa…Bolow just doesn’t sound right! Kona has a middle name too! We actually call him The Kones buddy ;)

  9. Such a cute little Milo bear! I just wanna give him a belly scratch when I say his name! Love the story of how it came to be. Bolow is a very odd name for a dog indeed!

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