Brewers, Tapas, and Grilling

Happy 4th of July!

This has been a great little break for James and I. Starting yesterday at noon, we were on a mini-vacation.

We started out with the Brewers game.

The roof open on a beautiful (hot) day



Miller Park

Great seats behind home plate (but also behind the net)

Ryan Braun in the outfield

Marlins dugout

Brewers dugout

Dew Deck where I was for the last game I was at

Ryan Braun

Corey Hart

They played the Marlins, who have two former White Sox coaches (and players) Ozzie Guillen and Joey Cora.

Ozzie hanging out in the dugout

Joey Cora and Ozzie (and Andre Dawson on the left)

It was pretty cool to see them.  However, it was not “cool” at the game.  It was 97 degrees (so said my phone), so we were pretty hot the entire time, even in the shade.  But we got some ice cream to cool off, so that was pleasant.

The game was so fun.  We saw two Brewers homeruns, some great base running, and the Brewers won (in extras though, they liked to keep it interesting).

After the game, we came home to freshen up, then we met our friends Kim and Sean for dinner at Patische in Bay View.

Such a cute place


Bay View is an awesome little neighborhood south of the city that I always enjoy exploring.  And the food was great!  Typically, the restaurant has entrees, but Tuesday was Tapas Tuesday.

I love tapas and everything we shared (fried risotto, grilled asparagus, grilled stuff sweet peppers, potatoes, oysters, mussels, empanadas, mushroom confit, and dessert), was so amazing!  I definitely recommend this place!


This morning started with one of my favorite quick and easy breakfasts, thanks to the groceries we finally got.

Fresh ingredients for...

Strawberry greek yogurt oatmeal (with honey, of course)

The rest of today, James and I decided to spend the day enjoying each other’s company and the holiday.  We watched some Breaking Bad (of course), sat on the balcony to enjoy the sun, and tried to play catch outside, but some girls were taking up the yard with an inflatable pool (seriously), so we just took a little stroll.

Then James grilled!

Summer corn on our winter plates


Ice cream cone

Some local beer to enjoy on this summer day

We had brats, corn, watermelon, and some ice cream.  I forgot a picture of the brats because I was too excited to eat :)

It was definitely a great break — we got to see a baseball game, eat great food both here and out, and we got to relax with each other and Milo.  I hope you all enjoyed your 4th as well!!

Two more days til the weekend :)


  1. oh man, I wish I had watermelon today! Hope you had a great fourth!

  2. Uhhh…. Go Cards? ;) hehe

    • Laurie says:

      Haha that’s ok, the Brewers are my number two team behind the White Sox, so that’s fine — as long as you don’t like the cubs :)

  3. We’re actually going to Pastiche on Saturday – can’t wait! What was the dress code like? We’re bringing out of town guests and I have no idea what to tell them.

    BTW, love the pic of your pooch licking his chops in the background. LOL!

    • Laurie says:

      It was pretty casual — James wore cargo shorts and a polo, and I wore black capris, a dressy tank, and flip flops. It’s not like a burger place casual, but not too fancy for a Saturday night. I hope you like it!!

  4. There’s nothing better than a baseball game with the roof open! Well, unless it’s raining!

  5. Tapas are great! So fun to try a little of so many different dishes.

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