Friends-and-Family-Filled Sunday

Well, the weekend is coming to a close, and like always, it went way way too fast.

Saturday night, my friend Molly and her boyfriend Steve stopped at our apartment on their way back from Minnesota before heading home to Indiana.

Mol and I the night we graduated from college (4 years ago!!)

They also brought Molly’s adorable dog, Stuart, with them, and it was the first meeting between Milo and Stuart.

Look how adorable these little guys are:

Precious Pups

It was so great to see Molly, even if it was briefly, and we spent the little time we had together catching up (also, kudos to James and Steve with putting up with all of our sorority talk :) ).

Milo and Stuart got along great, too, and even engaged in a little game of tug-o-war this morning.

Game of tug

They are too freakin cute.  After Molly, Steve, and Stu left this morning, Milo was POOPED.  He was so worn out from running around the apartment with Stuart that he immediately collapsed on the floor once Stuart left.

Pooped Milo

Toy casualties after a day of playing

After Molly and Steve left, James and I headed to a local high school to watch James’s sister compete in the State Championships for baton and dance.  She did a GREAT job (no pictures because we were too busy catching up), and it was so fun to see James’s family and to see how talented his sister is.  (Seriously, she’s kind of a big deal!).

Well, I’m keeping this post short and sweet, so I can watch some Real Housewives of New Jersey (I know, I keep it classy), so have a lovely rest of your evening!


  1. jessie says:

    Oh I love the pictures of those two adorable dogs playing.. esp the tug-o-war one!!!

    Congrats to James’s sister for competing in the State Championships. How awesome :)

  2. I love watching dance shows!! It makes me wish I had an ounce of rythym!

  3. dogs are the best!

  4. Those dogs are adorable! Looks like a great weekend!

  5. Too sweet :) :)

  6. I was going to ask you where you got your tube top, but I guess if that pic is 4 years old, i can’t find it anymore :( I still love it!

  7. ahhh I love it when pups play tug-o-war! Mine never do event though I try to make them. LOL.

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