Hectic Final Preparations

This evening/night has been crazy hectic and it’s not even over yet.   From the time I got home until right now, I’ve been on the go.

First, I had to take Milo to his daycare to board him for the next two days.  We won’t have time to take him tomorrow evening, and we figured we could get a better night sleep without him tonight, so I dropped him off this evening.

See this cute face?









Don’t trust him.  First, when we got out of the car in the daycare parking lot, Milo wiggled out of his collar and ran around the parking lot.  I finally got him to come back by showing him his food and then had to carry him, the bag of food, my purse, and his leash through two sets of doors.  Keep in mind he weighs 65 pounds.  If that wasn’t bad enough (and if you have a weak stomach, look away), as soon as I set him down inside the front office, he may have pooed a bit on the floor.  Yep, right on the floor.

I was MORTIFIED.  I felt like a mother with a toddler who had just taken off his clothes, was running around naked, then pooped in the corner.  That immediately taught me I am not ready for a child.  I cleaned it up, but unfortunately, they took Milo to the back while I cleaned, so I didn’t get to say goodbye :(  Oh well, I get to see this little face on Saturday.









After that, I had to come back home and run.  Today was originally supposed to be 3 miles as the final run, but we decided that since we ran only 11 miles, we thought it would be smart to run 2.1 so we would mentally be prepared for how easy the last 2.1 miles would be once we hit 11 miles in the race.

I tried so hard to run at our half marathon pace, I really did.  But James wasn’t running with me, so I was bored and wanted it to be over and I had so much to do at home, I didn’t want to waste time.  So I ran it in about 19 mins after giving up on the half marathon pace about halfway through.

Absolute last run of training

Then it was time to clean.  My parents are coming to the half and then staying at our apartment, so I needed to tidy up the place a bit.  Luckily, my parents aren’t judgmental (about anything), so they aren’t the type to do the finger test for dust when they come to visit, but I still wanted the place to look nice-ish for them.  So far, I cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, and most of the living room.  Still have to vacuum, but then I should mostly be done.

After all that craziness, I picked up James from work and we grabbed some Subway for dinner.


Six-inch veggie on flatbread with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers, and pickles with a little vinegar.  And of course, some fruit punch Gatorade.

Left on the agenda for tonight (besides finishing the cleaning) is packing and making a playlist — the two things I mentioned I needed to do yesterday.  Oops.

Before I leave to finish that up, I do have some fun news.  My Wild Tree items came in!  I’m so excited to try everything out.

I got a bottle of grape seed oil, as well as a Mediterranean dipping sauce.  The sauce tastes awesome, and the grape seed oil is supposed to be healthier than olive oil and doesn’t smoke up as much as olive oil, which is wonderful because I hate when the smoke detector goes off.

Wild Tree oils

I also got this chipotle lime rub.  I’m excited to grill with this seasoning this summer.  I sampled a bit and it tastes so good.  It actually has a great lime flavor, which I love.









And this was my impulse buy:  Beer Bread!

I have no idea what it is, but I love beer and bread, so obviously I bought it immediately.  I cannot wait to try this on Saturday night!

Well, I need to get everything done for tomorrow, so I’m out!

Hopefully, I’ll post tomorrow, but if not, you’ll get a recap Saturday night :)


  1. Becca says:

    Everytime I read something about Milo I feel like I have been through the same thing with Jackson :) we had the same thing happen while going to puppy training. He was running all over the place and the kennel owner had to catch him! Talk about a training fail! Haha.

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