Last Post Before Dallas

Ok, I’m going to keep this really short because I just finished packing for Dallas, so I want to hang out with my boys a bit before I leave them for the weekend (James is absolutely swamped at work, so he can’t go with me :( ).

But I am beyond excited to see almost all of my best friends from law school and hang out in a new city.  This will definitely be a blast!

My day was pretty normal today with a few highlights:

1.  I did Lindsay’s treadmill workout this morning, and it’s no joke.  I did the 4.0 rest for only a minute after each one, so it was intense, but I loved it!

2.  Our favorite episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on (yes, we watch Home Improvement and Fresh Prince every morning while we have breakfast and get ready for work–switching back and forth with Sportscenter), so the day started off right.

Hey Will!


3.  My day also started off right with oats in a jar, Cocoa Almond edition.  So delish.

And half a grapefruit for a well-balanced breakfast

4.  I got lunch from the taco cart outside my work today, and it’s always a highlight.  Corn tortillas are the best, for real.

5.  I painted my nails a fun hot pink (thanks, Susan, for the polish).  This seems like a good Dallas color.

Summer nails -- please ignore how long and creepy my fingers look

That’s all.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to post tomorrow night about my travels and Jeff and Brittany’s rehearsal dinner.

Can’t wait!


  1. I LOVE the nail color! Your ring looks amazing too :)

  2. oh my gosh I used to watch fresh prince of bel air all the time, I may or may not know the theme song by heart.

  3. That nail color is sooo pretty! And it totally makes your ring look super sparkly :) . Have so much fun this weekend! Glad you enjoyed the workout!

  4. I agree. I heart your ring :)

  5. Mhmmm loving that nail color, great choice! And with the ring? even better! I hope you have a most glorious weekend!

  6. OK loooving the nails. Beautiful! Have a great time!:)

  7. Kailey says:

    I like corn tortillas waaay more than flour – they just have so much more flavor.

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