Milo’s T-Giving Recap

It’s been far too long since I’ve had a Milo-centric post, huh?  I’m sure you’ve been missing a post all about him, so I am happy to oblige!  I’m sure it will be hard to top some previous Milo posts (including my favorite), but I’ll try.

Actually, I realized this was going to be a Milo-focused post when I was going through some of my pictures from this weekend.  Milo loves going to my parents’ house because he gets to explore, play outside, play with my mom, and lay around on the couch.  In fact, based on the pictures I have, it doesn’t seem like Milo ever left the couch.

So, yesterday’s post was a recap of my Thanksgiving weekend, but here is a recap of Milo’s Thanksgiving:

Resting on the couch


And some more napping

And additional napping

Don’t get me wrong, Milo definitely had his bursts of energy, like when he would try and protect all of us from dogs walking by the house, when I would go out for a run and he couldn’t find me, and whenever he heard my mom open the door to the back porch (so he could go out and look at squirrels).  But for the most part, Milo’s Thanksgiving was a sleepy one.  Luckily, he had his mom as a pillow.

Love from mom

My cuddle buddy

So that was Milo’s weekend in a nutshell!

Now that I’m done with the Thanksgiving recaps, I have some recipes coming your way tomorrow.  Until then!



  1. Corrie Anne says:

    Lol. Boyd’s recap of any day would look VERY similar. I love it!

  2. haha so cute, i am actually planning on doing a dog shaming for my dog because I just get a kick out of that site

  3. Nicole says:

    So adorable! And I’m sure he kept you warm, too!

  4. That last photo of him is the cutest. Dogs get so much more snuggly when it gets cold!

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