Monday Movie Reviews

So, I made a lot of promises yesterday, so let’s start tonight with reviews of two movies we watched this weekend.


Of the two movies, I give this one a slight edge because I have a soft spot for Ben Affleck-directed movies.  I loved The Town and Gone Baby Gone, and this one is just as amazing!  Argo is the story (if you don’t already know because I am a bit late to the party on this one) about rescuing 6 Americans who are being held in Iran in 1980-81 by pretending to be a film crew.  Sounds kind of crazy, but trust me, it’s a great plot.

I loved the characters, I thought it was a fun and thrilling ride, and it really kept my interest.  Despite the events being a bit before my time, I was enthralled with the preparation and escape, and was definitely on the edge of my seat.  James and I had some discussions about what we would have done in that situation, if we would have wanted the other one to be there with us (yes for the company, no because we wouldn’t want to put each other through that), and well as how we take airport security for granted when we think it takes us a long time to get through.  Yeah right.

This story is super interesting and enjoyable.  I don’t know if fun is the right word because of the plot, but it has some laughs (often courtesy of the wonderful Alan Arkin) and it’s definitely an exciting ride.  Ben has done it again, this was a great movie and now one of my favorites!

Zero Dark Thirty

Although Argo came out on top, I still loved this movie.  If you don’t know, ZDT is about the CIA agent who worked for years to find Osama Bin Laden, as well as the Seal Team 6 mission that led to his death.  And trust me, this movie is good!

Because the events of 9/11 are still so fresh in my mind and always will be, I wanted to see this movie for that reason.  I also remember exactly where I was (laying on our apartment floor, studying) when we found out Bin Laden had been killed.  For those reasons, this movie is a must see.  However, there is more beyond that.

I thought the elements of the CIA and their investigations were fascinating   I also found it incredibly interesting out they discovered Bin Laden — the thread that led to him.  It was such a great, well acted story, and I was so interested in every element of the story even though it began in 2003.  And the Seal Team 6 mission — on the edge of my seat!  I thought the portion of the movie from the time the helicopters took off until Bin Laden was killed was just amazing — so much emotion, and even though you know what is coming, it is suspenseful.

Both of these movies were so wonderful and deserved all the awards and acclaim they received.  I would recommend both and look forward to watching both again!

That’s it for tonight!  Tomorrow I have a food/fitness blogger meet up that I can’t wait to post about on Wednesday, so tomorrow I’ll be coming atcha with two breakfast recipes.  Until then!


  1. Jessie says:

    Have fun on your food/fitness blogger meet up girl!!

  2. I absolutely loved Argo! I was so thrilled that it won Best Picture because I was really upset that Ben Affleck had been slighted in so many other categories. It was excellently done, and I especially loved that I was on the edge of my seat the whole time even though I knew the outcome!

    On the other hand, I did not like Zero Dark Thirty. I thought it kind of plodded along, I didn’t like Jessica Chastain’s character (although she did a fabulous job portraying her!), and I really hated the torture scenes. Not my kind of movie!

    • Laurie says:

      I completely agree with everything regarding Argo! And I understand about ZDT — I wasn’t a huge fan of her character either, but I loved Seal Team 6 (maybe just Chris Pratt? :) )

  3. I only caught about an hour of ZDT (started watching it too late) so I’ll have to re-watch it. My sig other didn’t like the ending, but that’s all I know.

    I thought Argo was OK. I did find the story fascinating but other than that, felt it was good, but not great.

    Maybe i’m just difficult :)

    • Laurie says:

      Haha no no, I get it. I loved them, but I am sure there are movies everyone loves that I hate — actually, I’m sure of it, I just can’t think of them right now :)

  4. Thanks for the reviews. I almost rented both of these this past weekend but I wasn’t sure if I would like them. I will have to give them a try :) .

  5. I really like Argo- even more than I expected. Haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty yet, but it’s on the top of my list. Have fun at the meet-up!! I’ve never been to one, so will be curious to hear how it was

  6. Nicole says:

    I watched a really interesting panel interview of the Argo cast that was from a film festival…they gave a lot more insight into the real people, how the actors developed their characters, etc.

  7. Yaaay meet up!

  8. Thanks for the reviews. Argo is the next movie on our rental list. Can’t wait to check it out. And… completely agree with Ben Affleck. Love him.

  9. I’ll have to look into these movies, they both sound good. Have fun tomorrow blogger meet up! Can’t wait for some breakfast recipes tomorrow :)

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