Monitoring Milo

So I promise I worked today while I was at home with Milo — I promise!  But the amount of pictures I took of him today may make you think otherwise.

Our day started off like this:

All snuggled up

Milo was definitely sick this morning after everything last night and he was so lethargic.


I'm not moving!

But he eventually warmed up and decided that he would feel better if he laid with him mom.  So we spent the majority of the day like this:

Helping mom work

By the end of the day, he was starting to feel better and finally got off the couch to go look out the window — but didn’t like the paparazzi.

No more pictures!


Today was also a little productive on the wedding front.  Four of my six bridesmaids and my two readers are all from my sorority.  I found these bouquets, which contain our sorority’s flower, so I thought it would be perfect to send a bouquet to each of them with a card asking them to be my bridesmaid/reader.

Fleur de lis

Because none of my bridesmaids/readers live in Milwaukee, I wanted to do something fun to ask them to be a part of the biggest day of my life.  Each person is one of my best best friends, and I can’t wait to share this day with them.

Don’t worry, I have something up my sleeve for the final two bridesmaids.  I will keep you updated on how I ask them as well.


I will leave you tonight with an awesome, creamy smoothie I made for a midday snack.  (I have to keep this post short because tonight’s DWTS elimination is intense — double elimination!! Then we have to run a quick 3 miles).

I don’t like the texture of bananas, but I love the flavor, so I often throw them into smoothies to get the nutrients.  And throwing in a frozen banana makes a smoothie so creamy and wonderful, so I definitely recommend that, as well as this four ingredient wonder:

Creamy Banana Smoothie

(Like the Packers glass? My parents got James a set of six 3 years ago!)











1 frozen banana

6 oz container of Key Lime greek yogurt (<– I swear, I use other flavors sometimes)

1/3 c of vanilla almond milk

1 T of honey (and more for the top)


Blend everything together and get this glass of wonderful.  Enjoy!

Honey on top










Have a great night!

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