My Favorite Things

Good morning, friends!

I was cruising through The Book Thief last night.  I may make the deadline yet (and even if I don’t, it’s ok because I am loving the book).

I did take a minor break to watch a few dances on Dancing with the Stars (Donald is awesome!) while snacking on this delish dessert:









I mixed about three spoonfuls of cool whip with a spoonful of peanut butter and half a package of hot chocolate mix.  I put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes and had faux custard.  Told you I was obsessed with cool whip :)

Luckily, How I Met Your Mother was a repeat last night, so crisis averted by missing it.

Besides my reading skills, I was super productive with the food prep last night, which made this morning a breeze.  I prepared my first batch of overnight oats using a recipe from my May issue of Health Magazine, combining 1/4 c of oats, 1/4 c of milk (I used vanilla almond), 1/4 c of yogurt (I used plain greek), a T of honey, and a t. of vanilla.  Then I put it in the fridge to sit overnight, and my breakfast was ready to go as soon as I woke up.  I meant to add a bit of cinnamon this morning, but I was too tired to think about that.  Oh well!

Overnight oats used to scare me a bit, but I’m a believer.  Super easy, and super tasty.  My two favorite things!

Actually, I have a lot of “favorite” things, which reminds me of this:


That always makes me laugh because it’s so true!

Tonight is going to be an eventful one, so I am already getting excited.  James and I are going out to dinner to celebrate the end of one of his big projects and then we have our first run after our awesome run from Sunday.  Hopefully our momentum carries through to tonight!

Now, I’m off to get ready for work.  How sad is it to have to get ready for work while this face stares at you?

Stay home with me and cuddle!

I miss him already.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOVE that faux custard! Being from St. Louis, I love frozen custard, but I can’t have it as much as I would like without feeling kind of crappy. Your version looks great!

    • Laurie says:

      It’s so great because you can add so many things — chocolate chips, pudding mix, cocoa powder, vanilla…the possibilities are endless :) Also, I always love reading blogs from fellow midwest girls, so I’m glad to now be a reader of yours!

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