New TV, Football, and Chili

Hey all!

Another Monday in the books!  I’m excited about tonight for two reasons:  bringing back an old tradition and new tv shows!

I’ll start with the tv.

This is a big week for television because so many old shows have their season premieres and new shows have series premieres.  Super exciting!  First, How I Met Your Mother almost brought me to tears — both good and bad tears (good thinking about James, bad feeling sad for Robin).

How I Met Your Mother


Now I’m watching Partners, a new show on CBS and so far so good!



Now for the old tradition.  When we were in law school, our favorite way to take a break from the stress of classes, studying, etc, was to make chili and watch football on Sundays.  And by make chili, I mean we would make canned chili because that’s all we had time/money for, but still, it was good, and it was a Sunday tradition during football season.

Now, I typically make homemade chili, but we had a few cans left, and I wanted dinner to come together fast, so tonight, that’s what we did — made chili for the Packers game.

Delicious bowl of chili

I spruced up the chili by adding a sautéed yellow onion, a can of diced tomatoes (drained), and about a teaspoon of each of these spices:

Spicing up the chili

Chili powder (chili P for you Breaking Bad fans), cumin, black pepper and a red pepper garlic blend.

I also added my secret ingredient for making canned chili actually taste delicious — BBQ sauce.

Favorite BBQ sauce

Other highlights to go with dinner?

Trader Joe’s Cornbread

Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Ale Asylum Hopalicious.

Now it’s time to watch the Packers and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Hope you had a good one!


  1. Courtney says:

    Sounds like a fun night! :D

  2. I was super excited about all the new TV shows too! I happened to catch Partners and I thought it was pretty funny. I’m kind of reluctant to watch it though because it seems like the new shows I love always get cancelled!

  3. Jessie says:

    What a terrible ending to the Packers game :( :( Seriously, these refs suck!!!! ((At least you had a yummy dinner though ))

  4. wasn’t the premiere good? bbq sauce all the way, of course I have to buy the special gluten free kind but still.

  5. I HAVE to have cornbread with chili. When the weather gets a bit colder, I’m going to break out my slow cooker and make some (I’ve been dying to try a recipe for sweet potato chili).

  6. I almost cried for the packers last night. I was MAD. I wanted to wear my cheese head to work today in solidarity! (not a packers fan, but yes, bought a cheese head at lambau)

  7. How CRAZY was that Packers game?! I was shouting at my TV. Unbelievable. Facebook and Twitter collectively blew up, I’m pretty sure. The worst call in recent memory.

    Anyway! Your chili looks delish. I should do that for this weekend’s games!

  8. There is nothing better than football with some chili and corn bread!

  9. I watched How I Met Your Mother last night too! I was so sad for Robin too! Aren’t you dying to know who Ted’s gal is.
    That chili looks just amazing!

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