Oh Well, It’s the Weekend

So I didn’t post last night, but that’s ok.  It was a typical Friday — work, come home and hang out with Milo, relax a bit from the week.

James was actually out of town a bit this week and got back yesterday, so I just wanted to hang out with him (and our boy), so I never got around to posting.  Oh well!

Last night, we did check another movie off our AFI Top 100 list.  We were inspired by the DirectTV commercial encouraging people to NOT play Platoon with Charlie Sheen, and neither of us had seen it, so that’s what we picked.


Platoon is a war movie set in 1967 Vietnam (technically Cambodia, but during the Vietnam War).  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was much better than I thought it would be.  We both really enjoyed it.  It was violent (it’s a war movie, so, yeah), but not really compared to the movies that are made now, and it kept our interest the whole time.

The best part was that EVERYONE was in it.  Young Charlie Sheen (who I love — Wall Street, Major League, and Ferris Bueller), Tom Berenger, William DaFoe, Forest Whitaker, Kevin Dillon, Keith David, John C. McGinley, and my favorite — Johnny Depp.  I’m not a crazy huge Depp fan, but seeing him so young was pretty cool.

Young Charlie


Young Johnny


Overall, it was a great movie! Another success for the Top 100.

This morning has been pretty lazy so far.  Milo wanted to get up at 5 a.m., so after I took him out, we went back to sleep on the couch.  Then I made some pancakes.

Old picture, but they looked exactly the same

I actually fell asleep again for a few hours after eating breakfast.  Oops.  Oh well, it’s the weekend!

I don’t have too many plans for today.  I want to sit on our balcony and get some sun, run 4-5 (or more) miles, do a lot of laundry, and head to Trader Joe’s to get some stuff for my Foodie Pen Pal.  I just haven’t decided the order I am going to do this stuff.

Maybe I’ll start a load of laundry and then go run now?  Who knows :)

Have a lovely Saturday!!


  1. Love pancakes! Have you tried Protein Pancakes? They are amazing and are so filling and “healthy” haha


  2. Sounds like a relaxing night and Saturday! I need to get on my foodie pen pal thing too!

  3. Pancakes look perfect! Are they your own recipe or a mix?

  4. Mmm those pancakes look great lady! And sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend day to me :)

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