Rescued is My Favorite Breed

It’s been far too long since Milo has been the topic of a post.  Ok, maybe not that long, but any day that goes by without a Milo post is one day too many.

You know you missed me!

James and I got Milo from a local rescue shelter called JR’s Pups-n-Stuff.  We started looking at the site in April of 2011, even though we knew we couldn’t get a dog right away.  When we first started looking, we saw an adorable dog named Roxy, and we loved her.  If we could have gotten a dog that day, Roxy would have been it.

What?? You wanted a different pup?? Mom!

Because Roxy seemed like such a great dog, and because they had a lot of dogs to choose from, we decided we would eventually adopt from JR’s and continued to monitor the available dogs.

After filling out an application in early June and passing the home visit at the end of June, we were ready to pick out our dog.  Crazy enough, in the beginning of July when we started looking again, Roxy was still there!  She immediately went on our list.

Along with Roxy, we picked out a couple other dogs we were interested in.  We went back to the website two or three times to finalize our list before I started emailing the foster parents to get a feel for the dogs personalities.  It was on the third visit back to the site that James pointed out a dog who had been there all along — Bolow.

One of his original pictures from the website

Yes, my baby’s name was originally Bolow.  Not my cup of tea, but that’s ok.

James pointed out how much his pictures on the website made him look like a little bear, so at the last minute, we added him to our list.

From the website

Our future boy

When I emailed our list to one of the fosters and told her what we were looking for (a dog that cuddled with me all day long, could handle being home alone while we were at work, and a dog that would play catch with James), she responded that either Roxy or Milo would be the best fit.

My first reaction was, who is Milo?  She told me that her family didn’t like the name Bolow, so they changed it to Milo because they thought it fit him better.  They were so right!

Little Milo

When James and I showed up at the foster’s house to meet Milo (Roxy was coming over later so we could meet her too), Milo was right there at the door to greet us.  He was so dang adorable.  He covered me in kisses the entire time we were in the living room asking questions about him.  He was also so laid back.  There were other dogs in the house and little kids, and he wasn’t bothered at all.

Then we moved outside to see him in action in the yard and to see Roxy who just arrived at the home.  We went to the foster’s house that day with every intention of getting Roxy.  Milo was, honestly, an afterthought.  Roxy was just as adorable as we thought and a sweet little girl, but Milo had already stolen our hearts.

As we got ready to leave (JR’s was kind enough to let us meet the dogs, have a few days to make our decision, and then would hold that dog for a week until we got back from vacation), Milo was across the yard playing.  James yelled, “Bye Milo,” and Milo looked up, sprinted over to us, and again covered us in kisses.  Our hearts melted.

I've always loved my dad

When we got into the car, I immediately said, I know who I want.  James said he knew too.  At the count of three, we both said Milo!  I almost cried with joy!

A week and a few days later, on August 3, 2011, we went back to the foster’s house to get our baby.  We took the leash and walked him to my car, and he immediately jumped in–no hesitation, no questions asked.

Car ride to his new home after being adopted!

I found this picture on Pinterest, and James and I always joke that this is exactly what Milo was like in the car:

As we drove home (he was about 40 minutes away from Milwaukee), Milo decided he wanted to sit in my lap.  So my 65 pound baby crawled into the front seat and sat in my lap for the remainder of the car ride.

As soon as we brought him in our apartment, he made himself right at home.  He had been shuffled around from foster to foster because of how easy-going he was, but somehow, he knew our apartment was his home.

First pictures of him in the apartment

He immediately found his spot

And trusted us enough to fall asleep

Months later, I can’t imagine my life without him.  He is our child and we treat him like one :)  He has honestly changed our lives.

For Christmas, my mom gave me a personalized ornament that says “Rescued is my favorite breed.”  I burst into tears when I opened that ornament because it is so true.  Rescuing Milo was the absolute best decision we’ve ever made.

I'm pretty great!

Thanks for letting me share our story about how we rescued the most amazing little guy.  I encourage everyone to rescue a dog — they seriously change your life :)

Happy Thursday from Milo!

Have a great day!!


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