Some Wedding Decisions and a Book Review

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a good Tuesday!

My day started out not  as planned — I wanted to run 4 miles-ish, but my knees were really bothering me, so I didn’t want to overdo it.  Instead, I ran a quick 2 miles, then came back to the apartment to complete a 20-minute Turbo Jam kickboxing video.  So although I didn’t work out like I wanted to, I still got in a good one.

I need to figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow morning.  I want to take one more day off from running, so I think a circuit is in order.  Looks like I’m hitting up Pinterest tonight :)


So we’ve made some slight progress with wedding planning.  Neither of us have really done much planning at all, and I think we aren’t that concerned at this point because the wedding is still over a year away.  Once the one year mark hits, I might feel more pressure, but right now, I’m not worried.

However, we did discuss wedding songs.  I already knew which song I’m using for the Father-Daughter dance (my sister actually used the same one because it’s a family thing).

Father Daughter dance at Susan's wedding -- not sure why she looks so surprised in that pic :)

But we finally decided on our first dance song, as well as the songs for the ceremony.

We will be dancing to Uncle Kracker’s Smile.  We toyed with picking a different song, but for awhile now, we’ve both thought Smile applies to us very well, so we’re sticking with it.

For our processional songs, I’ll be walking down the aisle to Canon in D, and our wedding party will be walking in to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s instrumental version of Groovy Kind of Love.  (Funny story — I’ve wanted to use this for awhile, then I recently rewatched the Friends episode where Chandler and Monica get married and this song is playing — so I HAVE to use it!).

We are about 95% sure about our recessional song, but I’ll wait on that one until it’s official.

Obviously we’re focusing on the really important stuff for the wedding — songs!

I’m know you’ll see more wedding planning coming up in the next few months, so I hope you are excited for that.


Last, but not least, for the evening, a book review!

I had heard such great things about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, so when I found it at Half Price books for, like, a dollar, I got it immediately.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

“In nineteenth-century China, in a remote Hunan county, a girl named Lily, at the tender age of seven, is paired with a laotong, “old same,” in an emotional match that will last a lifetime. The laotong, Snow Flower, introduces herself by sending Lily a silk fan on which she’s painted a poem in nu shu, a unique language that Chinese women created in order to communicate in secret, away from the influence of men. As the years pass, Lily and Snow Flower send messages on fans, compose stories on handkerchiefs, reaching out of isolation to share their hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. Together, they endure the agony of foot-binding, and reflect upon their arranged marriages, shared loneliness, and the joys and tragedies of motherhood. The two find solace, developing a bond that keeps their spirits alive. But when a misunderstanding arises, their deep friendship suddenly threatens to tear apart.”


This was such a good book.  I liked it for so many reasons.  First, it was just a well-written novel.  It’s descriptive and beautifully written.  Second, it was about a time period and culture I know nothing about.  It was so interesting to read about the traditions, customs, and lifestyles.  However, even though it is something I am not familiar with, it’s easy to follow along and understand what is going on and why things are done the way they are.  Third, I really liked seeing the characters grow.  We met Lily and Snow Flower when they are so little and see them grow into women with their own families.

I don’t really have any problems with the book — I really liked it — but I kept thinking that something that was happening would be the “misunderstanding,” but that doesn’t end up happening until almost the end of the book.

Some parts of the book are difficult, mainly the way the girls and women are treated, as well as the misunderstanding, but overall, I think this is a great book — it’s an interesting story that gave me a glimpse into a world I have never thought of before.

Even if you can’t find this book for a dollar, you should still read it :)


  1. oh man kickboxing rocks!

  2. I’m always obsessed with people’s wedding songs – first dance, wedding march, etc. At least you didn’t pick “Butterfly Kissed” for your father-daughter song. It’s so sappy!

  3. Love groovy kind of love!! One of my faves! I walked down the aisle to At Last by Etta James. Since I got married “later in life” it was appropriate! HA! And it is just such a beautiful song…

  4. LOVE Smile! Such a sweet song. I always, always, always sing that one loud and proud in my car :)

  5. Awww :)

    I LOVED Snowflower and the Secret Fan!!!! Let me know what you’re reading next, your taste seems very similar to mine and I’m looking for a good book! :)

    • Laurie says:

      We do have such similar taste! I’m currently reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I read the Virgin Suicides lately and loved it, so I wanted to read Middlesex before I move on to the Marriage Plot

  6. Pachebel’s Canon in D is by far my favorite classical song. How beautiful!

  7. Kailey says:

    Good luck with the wedding planning! I’ve never been to one, but planning seems like it would be a ton of fun (but lots of work none the less!)

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