Tangent Thursday

One day left, folks!  (Folks?  That’s a new one).  Then it’s the weekend!  This has been a long week.  It’s the first one in awhile that I haven’t gone back to Indiana, so this week seemed longer than usual.

Today I multiple random thoughts, so perfect time for Tangent Thursday!

1.  I miss working being on a running schedule.  I sort of hated it during half marathon training because I didn’t want to be forced to run a certain number of days for a certain amount of miles.  But now that I’m not on a schedule, I feel like I’m not running enough and I really miss it.  I also miss running with James.  I know the point of the half was to push myself, but spending that time together was an added awesome bonus.

I miss my running buddy

2.  I said it yesterday but I love groceries!  My lunch today was so good, super fresh, and cheaper than buying from the local sandwich place.  I made a caprese wrap with tomatoes, spinach, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and a little balsamic vinegar.  It was kind of amazing.  I also had some strawberries and honey vanilla greek yogurt for dipping.  Perfect!

Greatest lunch

3.  How adorable is this?  I’m not a Brandon Jacobs fan, but seriously, this is super cute!

4.  I get to hang out with one of my best friends/honorary bridesmaids this weekend.  My friend Maggie is coming to Milwaukee this weekend and we are doing brunch and I am beyond pumped to see her!

Honorary bridesmaids! (Maggie is in the middle)

5.  The best part of my day is coming home and having Milo greet me like he hasn’t seen me in years.  That dog knows how to make a person feel loved.

Welcome home, Mom!

Ready to play??

6.  Obsessed with this song lately (thanks, Zach, for introducing me to it).  I can’t run without it.  Oh, and this song too…

7.  I looked up some wedding readings today because I figured that would be an easy detail to take care of.  Andddd I may have teared up/cried at some of the readings.  If I’m already that emotional, this wedding is going to be a disaster :)

Well, I think I’ve bored you enough for tonight.  Hope you all have a wonderful evening and TGIF!



  1. That sandwich looks fantastic! Wraps have been a go-to for me lately … it’s too hot to cook! And I will never tire of tortillas :)

  2. Ah i LOVE grocery shopping! WHenever I train for a big race, by the time the race is over I’m so DONE with being on a training schedule.. And that after awhile I crave being on a training schedule again!

  3. I feel the same way about a running schedule. I loved/hated my half marathon schedule at the time, but now I need something to push me to keep running!

  4. Min says:

    Hi Laurie!!
    Oh I really miss running! Lately I am refraining from it because once I start running, there’s no stopping me. I can just tell the world “ok you can wait..I am not dealing with you right now.” Lately, I have been just sticking with yoga..but boy I can’t wait to hit the tracks when I get back to my healthy weight. And yes I agree! grocery shopping is soo much fun!!

  5. Milo is the cutest – and congrats on the engagement! Can’t wait to see all your wedding posts.

  6. Your lunch looks delicious! I love anything caprese. In fact, I just made myself a breakfast for dinner caprese omelette last night. :)

  7. Kailey says:

    I LOVE your capresee warp – looks super delicious :)
    Training is a love hate thing with me – love that i have a goal to work towards, but hate the plan when I don’t want to run.

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