The Comedic Stylings of Anthony Jeselnik

So I’ve definitely overused the phrase “comedy stylings.”  It was in yesterday’s post, I tweeted it, and now it’s a title.  But really, it’s accurate.

Yesterday was a blast!  I’ve always been a fan of funny things, I like to laugh, and like every other college student in 2005-06, I loved me some Dane Cook. But I was never an expert on comedy (and I’m still not).  My friend Staci, however, is, and she introduced me to comedy shows a few months ago when we went to Madison to see Pete Holmes.

Pete Holmes


Fun fact #1: This is not the picture I saved from that website, but this is what showed up in my iphotos.  Fun fact #2: He’s the E*Trade baby.  Mind blown?

Well, we have a mutual love for Anthony Jeselnik, so when we heard he was coming to Milwaukee, we were fully on board.

A few things about tonight’s show:

1. Jeselnik’s comedy is not for everyone.  It can be considered offensive, but it’s comedy — it’s not serious.  Make sure you remember this before you come to a show.  The woman in front of us was NOT having his jokes.  Every time he made a joke, she shook her head in disgust.  It actually became part of the joke for Staci and I to see her reaction while also laughing.

2.  Make sure you go to a comedy show, especially a show like Jesel’s (yep, I’m calling him that) with someone.  Jesel’s style is very punchline-y without much setup, meaning the jokes come fast.  Because of this, I’ve forgotten half of them already, even though I want to repeat them to everyone I know.  I’m going to have to check with Staci at work today so she can help me remember the greatness that is Jesel.  Don’t go to a show alone and put all that responsibility on yourself.

3.  Finally, I don’t understand why Jesel is funny.  He is a very very good looking man.  There is no reason for him to be funny.  He can just stand there and do nothing and be successful.  But he is funny, which makes him even better.

Great show from this guy!

I highly encourage you to check out one of his shows (after listening to a few of his jokes online to make sure you are up for it), or at least check out a comedy show in general.  I never considered going to a comedy show as a viable option for something to do, but honestly, it is such a good time.  Get a group of friends–with a good sense of humor–together and check out a show.  Definitely worth the price of admission!

Well, off to work for me, followed by packing, then BACK to Indiana for weekend number 3 in a row.  However, this time, I think something big is happening…


  1. I’ve seen him on Comedy Central and I really like his style. I also totally love Dane Cook because he’s from Boston :)

  2. Hahaha I love # 3

    Whenever I am having a really bad day at work sometimes I’ll put Dane Cook on my ipod and just laugh to myself while working! I’ll have to check Jesel out.

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