The Great Milwaukee Race

Good morning everyone!

First of all, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to two of the best fathers I know.

The first is this guy.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad — hands down the best dad in the whole world and one of my best friends.  Love you, Dad!

The second is to this guy.

Don’t worry, we don’t have a child, but we have this furry little son.  And James is so wonderful to Milo, and I love seeing them together, so Happy Father’s Day to my dog’s dad.


Time to recap my favorite “race” that I’ve participated in so far — The Great Milwaukee Race.

Yesterday, James, James’s co-worker Alex, Alex’s wife Molly, and I participated in this race.  In a nutshell, we were given clues, a “passport,” and a map of the city.  We had to figure out the location of each place to get our passport stamped based on the clues, then run all over the city to each place.

Once we got to each location, there was some type of challenge that we had to complete to get our passport stamped.  These challenges included:

Hiking a football through a hula hoop

Yahtzee (James got us a 3 minute bonus with a four of a kind)

Crab walk


Bean bag toss into a bucket on your teammate's head

Other challenges were jumping rope, striking a dance pose for a picture, hula hooping, filling a bucket with water with sponges (Double Dare style), and pictionary.  We also got some time bonuses along the way.

The most effective route for the course was supposed to be about 6 miles, but we were not nearly as effective if we could have been, so I think we covered closer to 7 or 7.5 miles.  (I’m kicking myself for not taking my Garmin watch to track it).

We decided from the beginning that we were just going to have fun, and we also didn’t map out the route appropriately and had to back track a lot — yet, we still got sixth place!  We each won a foam roller and a one-month free of training.

We all had such a blast and decided that next year, we are in it to win it!

Enjoying a beer at the Loaded Slate after our big sixth place finish

One of the time bonuses was to take a picture in these giant chairs outside of AJ Bombers (the pics are on Alex’s camera, so I don’t have them to post).


AJ Bombers was actually featured (and won) on Travel Channel’s Food Wars for best burger, so James and I were definitely craving that after the run.

I got the AJ Burger with lettuce, tomato, and avocado.  We also split some sweet potato chips and peanuts that were in the carry out bag.  So delish, I can see why they won!


A few other things to recap.  First, I finally watched Rocky yesterday.  I tried Friday night, but fell asleep within 11 minutes of the movie — seriously.  But I watched it last night and really really enjoyed it.  It’s a great underdog story and made me want to train for something again.  I think another half is calling my name :)

The last thing is that I saw Snow White and the Huntsman with my friend Staci this weekend.  Check out her blog for a review of the movie, which I wholeheartedly agree with.   I thought the movie was good and visually stunning, so check it out!

Well, that’s it for now!  Hope the rest of your Sunday is amazing!


  1. Oh goodness those sweet potato chips, wow heaven. That race looks like a blast!

  2. I love the bean bag game idea!! So trying that at the next bbq party I throw:)

  3. I enjoyed snow white too!! And Chris Hemsworth was fun to look at during it haha. That’s awesome that you got 6th place in the race even though you were just doing it for fun! Congrats!

  4. I have got to get to AJ’s one of these days. I’ve been working downtown for years and I’ve never been there!

  5. Ahhh I want to see that movie so badly, maybe sometime this week! Congrats on the place in the race, always good to have it go better than you planned for :)

  6. That race sounds like so much fun- good job on 6th palce! I saw Snow White too and my favorite part was Chris Helmsworth ;) Hee hee. I agree with your friend that trying to say Kristen Stewart is fairer than Charlize Theron is a total lie!

  7. What an awesome race! I love how this is so much fun but exercise at the same time. That burger looks delicious!

  8. Fur daddys totally count on Fathers day!! :)

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