What I Bought for the Half

Hey friends!

I’m glad you enjoyed the goals!  I did well with three of them today:

– I drank my water

Drank two and a half of these babies today













– I drank nothing but water!

– I had this little guy (actually big guy) with my lunch









No stairs for me today (knees are bothering me) and no yoga yet, but to be honest, yoga won’t happen until after the half.

We also had these amazing pancakes for dinner.  They have nothing to do with my goals, but I loved them, so I’m posting them.










Speaking of the half, we decided to not run tonight.  Again.  I must seem like the worst half marathoner ever.  I swear, up until I few weeks ago (right when I started blogging, of course), we were very strict about sticking to our schedule.   But now that we are confident and know we can do it, we don’t worry so much about following the plan perfectly.  Plus, because the runs are all short this week, we’ll run tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday and be all good.

I also don’t want to run today because we would have to do it on the treadmill, which really bothers my knees, while running outside doesn’t.  And I love running outside, so we compromised.  I won’t force James to run tonight if he agrees to run outside tomorrow.  Perfect!

Although I’m not running tonight, I do want to share some items I purchased during the past 3-4 months to help with the half.  Keep in mind, this is my first half and the farthest I had ever run prior to training was five miles (same with James), so maybe we went overboard, but it’s ok.  Live and learn, right?

– Compression socks (in the pic below with the knee braces)

These were one of our first purchases.  Within a few weeks of training, James and I both started having calf problems, and we both have a history of shin splints.  We didn’t want to deal with that, so we bought these from Zensah.  We wear them while we run and for awhile after we finish to help with recovery.  I guess I don’t know if they worked because I don’t know if I haven’t had pain because of them or just in general.  But either way, our calves no longer hurt and no shin splints throughout all of training.  Success!

– Gu gels

When I found out we would need to eat something during the race, I got nervous.  I didn’t know how we could do this and keep running the whole time.  Enter Gu.  It’s kind of a crazy texture, but the fruit flavors are refreshing and they are really helpful for energy before runs.  Of these three, I’m a big fan on tri-berry and lemon sublime.  The orange one is just okay.  We haven’t used them during a run yet, but after Sunday, we will be using them around mile 7 or 8.

– Knee braces

Such a weird picture

I got these before I discovered that running outside doesn’t cause knee problems for me.  However, on the treadmill, these are a lifesaver.  They have a compression strip (I’m sure there is a technical term for it), which puts pressure right under the knee cap, where most of my pain is.  I don’t think I could wear them on a long run because they get hot and uncomfortable, but for 4-5 mile treadmill runs, they are awesome.

– Foam roller

(Do you see Milo’s little nose in the corner?  He heard me go in the guest room to take this pic and of course, came running in because he thinks everything is about him).  This thing is crazy.  We use it for our sore muscles after a run and it hurts so good.  Like the compression socks, I don’t know if it’s working or if our muscles are just doing well, I have LOVED using this after a long run.

– New shoes

(Fun fact: my last three pairs of running shoes and current pair of casual shoes have been pink/gray/black–I’m obsessed).  I took a quiz on Runner’s World, and it suggested these shoes.  They have been crazy amazing.  They are so comfortable and the knee pain I used to have running outside went away completely.  I don’t necessarily recommend these for everyone if you have different feet or run differently than me, but I would recommend going to Runner’s World to find your perfect pair

– This amazing shirt

(I'm also wearing the compression socks here)

Really, James bought this for me for my birthday in February, but he bought it with the half in mind.  I love the color, love that it has the thumb holes, and love everything about it.  I have worn this on every long run throughout all of training, and I’m secretly hoping it’s chilly on May 12th so I can wear it then too.  All I have to say about this is buy something you love running in.  It’s kind of weird, but it is definitely easier to get motivated to run when you are excited about what you get to wear.  I am such a girl.

If you are thinking about running a half, I would recommend looking into some of these things.  Is there anything I’m forgetting?  Anything I should look into for my next half in September?  (I’m only kidding…kinda.  Depends on how this one goes).

Let me know if you have recommendations!


  1. Becca says:

    I love my foam roller! I use it all the time. Sounds like you are going to rock your half marathon :)

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