Winter in Wisconsin

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Back to work tomorrow, but hopefully it will be a fast week because someone is celebrating her birthday at the end of the week — hint: Me!

But before that, I wanted to do a quick post highlighting winter here in Wisconsin.  As I mentioned before, we got a decent amount of snow this past week (nothing like the East Coast though!), and I wasn’t a huge fan of the shoveling.  But I was a huge fan of how it looked.

In fact, when I was driving home Friday, I was thinking that I wished James was driving so I could take pictures of the snow in all the trees.  Then, when he got home from work, he showed me some pictures he took that morning of the snow in our backyard because he thought I would want them.  Does he know me well or what?

So here are some pictures of how pretty snow looks once we (I) get over our annoyance with it :)  Hope you enjoy!

Blurry Milo because he's running in the snow

Snow in the bushes

Our snow-covered tree

Side of the yard

More trees

I love these pictures, they really make me appreciate the beauty of snow despite my initial anger :)  Hope you are staying warm where ever you are!


  1. I too have been appreciating how pretty the snow is once I’m over my initial anger/frustration. Nothing like doubling your drive time to/from work (or both!) because of poor road conditions due to the snow. But living in Wisconsin you need to learn to embrace the snow and see the beauty in it rather than hating on it. Not like you can change the weather, right?

  2. Jessie says:

    That’s awesome that James took photos in the morning. Great minds think a like??!! I’m not a huge fan of snow (okay the shoveling & cold part), but snow really is beautiful… until your pets leave their markings, Ha!

    Happy Early Birthday girl :) :)

  3. I don’t think I could ever live in someplace like that solely because I hate the snow, I am so glad DC has gotten barely any this year

  4. Nicole says:

    So pretty! I was at my parents house in Waukesha over the weekend – they got more snow than we did in Madison. It was stuck to the trees and so pretty.
    Yesterday the rain really did us in…it’s so grey and muddy now!

  5. The snow has been pretty but man am I sick of it. Come on spring!!!

  6. Sun says:

    Pretty pics! I agree, the snow was beautiful to look at . . . from inside a warm house or apt :)

  7. Min says:

    James is so sweet and thoughtful! I don’t care if I have to shovel all day long..I wanna see snow..and so does Kona. He’s never seen snow in his entire life, and I have a feeling he would love it! First, he will be scared but he’ll get used to it in no time ;) . Milo seems to be having a blast!

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